English Essay, Paragraph on “A Scene at the Park” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Scene at the Park

“Class, today we are going to do something different for our Art lesson,” Mrs. Rajoo said.

The children were puzzled and at the same time they were curious as to what was going to be so different for the Art lesson. Before anyone could ask further, Mrs. Rajoo told them to pack up their drawing materials and line up in twos. The children did as they were told.

Mrs. Rajoo took them out of the school and then, the class began to make some noises. Someone asked loudly, “Where are you taking us, Mrs. Rajoo?”

Mrs. Rajoo continued walking until they came to a park near the school. She stopped and told the children to gather around her. She explained that she was going to teach them more about plants and at the same time, she wanted them to feel the plants and then draw a picture of what they could see at the park.

The children became excited. They first listened to Mrs. Rajoo as she explained flowering and non-flowering plants. She also showed them parts of a plant and explained about the life cycle of plants.

After that short introduction, the children were all ready to explore. They went from plant to plant to examine them. Some settled down to draw pictures. Most of them drew pictures based on the beautiful scenery. The children were all busy with their drawings.

An hour later, Mrs. Rajoo told them to pack up and get ready to walk back to school. Back in the classroom, Mrs. Rajoo asked the children if they enjoyed the lesson and everyone said they did.

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