English Essay, Paragraph on “A scene at the market” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A scene at the market

“It’s grandfather’s birthday today,” Theresa’s mother said to her. She added that they would prepare a sumptuous spread to celebrate that evening. Theresa offered to help and her mother nodded her head in agreement

After breakfast, Theresa and her mother went to the market nearby to purchase the ingredients needed for cooking. The market was filled with people from all walks of life. Although it was rather warm and humid in the market, Theresa was excited by the sight.

Her mother first went to the butcher stall to get some meat. She also bought a huge fish from the fishmonger. After that, they went to the greengrocer. His stall had the widest range of vegetables Theresa had ever seen. It was filled with lots of green, leafy vegetables and other brightly coloured vegetables.

Theresa’s mother bought some lettuce and carrots to make a salad. She also bought some broccoli and spinach too. After that, they began to head for home.

When they reached home, Theresa helped to wash the vegetables while her mother cut the meat and fish. Soon, they were busy with the preparation and before they knew it, everyone had returned. Theresa’s father had bought a cake on his way home too.

They sat down for dinner and Theresa was beaming with pride when everyone praised her for the salad. After dinner, they stood around grandfather and sang him the birthday song.

Grandfather thanked everyone, particularly Theresa and her mother, for celebrating his birthday. It was indeed a happy day for everyone.

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