English Essay, Paragraph on “A Scene at the Library” Essay in 400 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Scene at the Library

“Dad, can we go to the library?” Jacob asked his father. His father nodded his head as he had always believed that reading was important. Soon, they were on their way to the National Library near their place.

When they reached there, Jacob went to the Children’s Section to look for a few books to read while his father went to browse through other sections. When Jacob found a book, he sat down at a table and began to read. As the story became more interesting, he began to read aloud.

Jacob was so engrossed in his reading aloud that he was oblivious to people staring at him. He continued until his father came back.

“Jacob, there’s no need to read aloud, please read softly,” his father said to him in a hushed tone.

Jacob did not listen to his father and continued to read aloud. It was until a few irritated library users came up to him and told him to lower his volume that he felt a little embarrassed.

His father apologised to the people and then told Jacob to choose a few books to loan. They went to the loan counter to loan the books and then they headed home.

On the way home, Jacob’s father explained that it was important to keep quiet in the library. He said that people were there to enjoy their reading. He added that everyone should be considerate and Jacob definitely was not considerate at all.

Jacob apologised to his father and promised that he would not do that again. He learnt his lesson and reminded himself that the next time he visited the library, he would be a good role model.

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