English Essay, Paragraph on “A Scene at the Library” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Scene at the Library

Sharon and her classmates were feeling excited. Their form teacher, Mrs. Choy, had promised that she would take them to the library that day. Sharon loved reading so to her, this was a treat.

Before they set off for the library, Mrs. Choy shared with them the library rules and other important information. The class listened carefully as they knew they had to behave themselves.

When they reached the library, they remembered Mrs. Choy’s warning so they moved around very quietly. Sharon started taking books off the shelves and began to read. She first read about animals, which was one of her favourite topics. She also read up on plants, hoping to share some information with her grandfather who was great at gardening.

Her friend, Michelle, took a book on the World Map and began looking at the different continents. She also pointed out softly to Sharon the places that she had gone to. Sharon was amazed at the number of places that Michelle had visited.

After that, both of them took some joke books to relax. They giggled at the jokes and soon, their library period was over. They remembered what Mrs. Choy had said so they returned the books that they had taken back to the shelves and placed them correctly at their original position.

When they queued up, Mrs. Choy looked pleased as the class had remembered her advice well. She told them that she was very happy with their behaviour and she would take them to the library again.

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