English Essay, Paragraph on “A Reward” Essay in 200 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Reward

Jenny was merrily skipping home with her report book in her hand. She was very happy as she had topped her class for the Mid-Year Examination. She had worked very hard for the examination and was glad that she had done well.

When she reached home, she showed her parents her report book. They were smiling with pride when they knew about her results. Her mother praised her for her hard work and told her to continue to work hard. Immediately, Jenny’s father asked her what she wanted. He said that he would get it for her as a reward.

“I would like to keep some pet goldfish as a hobby,” Jenny requested with a big smile on her face. Her parents agreed and their father suggested going to the aquarium in the neighbourhood. They soon set off to the aquarium nearby. On the way, Jenny asked her father many questions about keeping goldfish. She was excited about having them as pets.

When they reached the aquarium, Jenny was pleasantly surprised by the large variety of fish available for sale. She looked around and after many rounds of discussion, she finally decided on some orange goldfish. Her mother agreed as they were quite easy to look after. Her father bought her eight of them when Jenny was eight years old. They also looked for a fish tank, some water plants, and also fish food.

When they got home, Jenny’s father set up the fish tank and after everything was ready, they put the fish in. The eight fish swam happily in the tank and the tank was so nicely decorated with plants and rocks that it really looked lovely. Jenny jumped in delight and she thanked her parents. It was indeed a very happy day for her.

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