English Essay, Paragraph on “A helpful boy” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A helpful boy

It was a hot and sunny morning and John was on his way to the market to meet his mother who had left earlier to buy some groceries. He was drenched in perspiration by the time he was halfway there.

Just as he was about to cross the overhead bridge, he saw an old lady walking down the stairs, lugging a bag of fruits. She was walking down very slowly, taking extra care for fear of falling.

Unfortunately, she missed her footing and she fell down, towards John. John was frightened and he tried to rush forward to help her but it was a little too late. She fell and landed a few steps down. She groaned in pain and clutched her knee tightly. Her bag broke and all her fruits, apples and oranges, rolled all over.

John asked her if she was alright and she nodded her head weakly. John helped her pick up the fruit and seeing that she looked rather pale, John suggested that she go to the clinic nearby to see a doctor. The old lady agreed. John helped her up and slowly, they made their way to the clinic.

At the clinic, John helped her to register and they sat down to wait. When it was their turn, John accompanied her into the consultation room. He told the doctor what had happened and after examining her, the doctor said she was alright except for some bruises. Both John and the old lady were relieved.

After they had collected the medication, John walked the old lady home. She thanked him profusely for his help. She praised him for being so kind. John was beaming with pride. Once he sent the old lady home, he remembered that he had to meet his mother at the market.

He ran all the way to the market, hoping that his mother would still be there and at the same time, he could not wait to share with his mother the good deed he had done.

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