English Essay, Paragraph on “A Head Injury” Essay in 350 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Head Injury

John and Leon were feeling bored. Their mother had refused to let them go downstairs to play so the two of them had been sitting in front of the television for the past two hours and they were bored to tears. John then had an idea. He asked his mother if he could play just outside the house, along the corridor. His mother nodded her head, thinking that it was safe.

The two boys began their game of soccer. They were taking turns kicking the ball at each other. They were having so much fun that at one point, Leon kicked the ball so hard that it flew straight at a glass window. The impact was so great that the window smashed into pieces. The ball rebounded; hit John’s head before bouncing away. John cried out in pain but what happened after that was worse. The small pieces of glass flew and cut his head.

John began to scream in pain. It was indeed painful. Blood was trickling down his face and he kept wailing for his mother. Leon was shocked and frightened. He did not expect this to happen. He ran up to John and tried to console him. John was shaking in pain.

His loud cries also attracted the attention of his mother and sister. His concerned mother came out of the house and upon seeing the broken glass pieces and John’s gaping Wound on the head, she went pale. She tried to console him but to no avail. She then asked Leon to call for an ambulance. Leon ran home to call for an ambulance.

Within minutes, the familiar wailing of sirens could be heard. Paramedics came and they attended to John immediately. One of the paramedics told John’s mother that he needed to be sent to the hospital as his wound was rather deep. John’s mother agreed and left with them. She instructed Leon and John’s sister to stay at home.

After the doctor had attended to his wound, John felt better and together with his mother, they headed home. When they reached home, Leon apologised to him for causing his injury. John said that he was to be blamed too. Both of them learnt a lesson that day.

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