English Essay, Paragraph on “A game of chess” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A game of chess

Ming Chye and Han Lin were having a game of Chess at the void deck. Both of them were good players and they had decided to have a competition that day.

They started playing and within minutes, there were a few children crowding around them, watching and trying to see who would win the game.

Halfway through the game, Ming Chye made a few bad moves and he knew that he was most likely going to lose. Just then, his good friend, Lucas, came along. Lucas was a very good player and seeing that Ming Chye was going to lose, he hurriedly told Ming Chye what to do.

Ming Chye did as he was told and Han Lin became very angry. “That’s not fair! You cannot ask for help!” Han Lin said, his face was red with anger. He had treated the game very seriously and he thought he was going to win.

Ming Chye felt bad but he did not know what to say. He knew he should not have done that. He apologised to Han Lin but it was a little too late as Han Lin was very upset.

Lucas then stepped in and apologised to Han Lin. He suggested that Han Lin and Ming Chye start a new game and both of them agreed.

Throughout the game, Lucas kept very quiet and he also ensured the other children watching the game did not pass any comments too. Finally, the game ended and Han Lin won. Ming Chye knew that Han Lin was a good player and he shook his hand. He also apologised for his earlier action. Han Lin apologised to Lucas and Ming Chye for shouting at them. The three burst out laughing at their silly actions and then they decided to go to the playground nearby to play.

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