English Essay, Paragraph on “A Flag-Raising Ceremony” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Flag-Raising Ceremony

It was the morning flag-raising ceremony. All the pupils at Gardens Primary School were standing at attention, singing the National Anthem. Jane and Yati were busy talking about the horror movie that they were watching last night.

They were talking more loudly by the minute and in no time; they had attracted the attention of a teacher nearby. The teacher thought they would probably stop after a while but when they got to the school song, both girls were still busy talking. A boy who was standing not too far away from them was laughing at their remarks about the show. The teacher was rather angry at the girls’ behaviour and she moved quietly nearer but the girls did not notice her presence.

The teacher waited for the whole ceremony to be over before calling them out. She asked Jane and Yati what they had done. At first, the two girls kept quiet, refusing to admit what they had done. The teacher threatened to send them to the discipline master and upon hearing that, the girls were so frightened that they admitted.

They told the teacher that they had been too excited about the show so they could not help talking about it. They looked down at their feet, knowing that they had done wrong. The teacher then spent the next few minutes talking to them about their behaviour as well as respect.

After the talk, both girls realised that they were indeed in the wrong and they felt that they had been disrespectful to the country and the school. They apologised to the teacher and they promised that they would not do that again.

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