English Essay, Paragraph on “A Fainting Incident” Essay in 200 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Fainting Incident

Sam was on his way to school. He had a Physical Fitness test that morning. Though he was not feeling well, he did not want to miss it as he preferred running with his friends than to do it alone.

When he reached school, he joined all his classmates and after some instructions from his teacher, they began to run. The sun was shining in the sky and it was very warm. Sam was perspiring profusely and he felt cold. He forced himself to go on.

The next instance, he felt faint. He staggered for a few steps and then he fell to the ground. His friends were shocked. Some of them stopped running and ran to Sam. They helped to fan him while someone ran to inform the Physical Education teacher.

Mr. Lim, the PE teacher, came running to Sam and carried him to the General Office. He called Sam’s parents to notify them about Sam’s condition. When they reached the office, Sam stirred. They gave him some water and Sam said he felt much better.

Mr. Lim told Sam that he should not be taking part in the test as he was not feeling well. He told Sam to go home and rest and he would do the re-test the following week.

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