English Essay, Paragraph on “A day at the beach” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A day at the beach

It was the end of year holidays. Helen and her brother, Kevin, were bored to tears. They had been watching television programmes for the past one week and they wished their parents would take them out somewhere.

So, when their father said that he was going to take them to the beach, they immediately jumped for joy. Helen helped her mother to prepare some sandwiches while Kevin got the balls, spades, and pails ready.

When they arrived at the beach, the place was rather crowded. Fortunately, they were able to find a spot directly under a shady tree. Their mother laid a mat and then placed their things on it. Helen and Kevin, together with their father, got changed and jumped into the cool refreshing water for a swim.

After swimming for about an hour, Kevin suggested that they build sandcastles. Helen agreed as that was her favourite activity. Both began having a competition to see who could build a bigger and nicer sandcastle.

When Kevin saw that Helen’s sandcastle was much nicer than his, he got angry and kicked sand into Helen’s eyes. Helen shrieked and her father, who was nearby, ran forward to see what had happened.

When Helen told him what happened, he scolded Kevin immediately. Kevin realised his mistake and the severity of his actions. He hurriedly apologised to his sister and also promised his father that he would not do that again.

After that, they packed up and headed home. Besides the minor incident, everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

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