English Essay on “The Scene in the Examination Hall” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Scene in the Examination Hall

To bright, meritorious and industrious students, examination is an opportunity to gauge how effectively they have studied.

Examination, however, is the bane or the life of an average, lethargic student. The scene in the examination hall is indeed an interesting one—particularly to the invigilator or an objective onlooker. It displays a whole gamut of emotions. Most students enter excited. There are last minute clarifications and discussions. Examinees exchange notes on how well each one has studied: Soon, they settle down in the examination hall, with eagerness and curiosity writ large on their faces. As the question paper is distributed, while some are visibly disappointed; the faces of some others light up with hope on reading the well-prepared and expected questions. Some sit with long faces waiting for some inspiration to dawn; the others are restless and fidgety.

Most students start writing feverishly, racing against time to express all they have ‘mugged’ up. Sane others, who are not well-prepared, write haltingly and uncertainly, whiling away their time before they turn in their paper. One can see a crafty expression on the faces of some who try taking a quick look at the answer scripts of others, trying very hard to evade the eye of the invigilators.

All examinees seem visibly relieved when the examination gets over. There are post-exam discussions on how well each one has attempted the answers. While some seem happy to have got over and done with the exams, the others leave for home, discussing animatedly which questions they had attempted and why.

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