English Essay on “The Recess Period in my School” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Recess Period in my School

Essay No. :- 01

The recess period in a school is the happiest time for the students. It lasts for half an hour. It comes generally after five periods of hard study.

As soon as the bell goes, the teachers stop teaching. They leave the class-rooms and the students rush out of them.

They run this way and that way. The tuck shop is crowded with the students. They enjoy sweets, fruits and drinks.

The school ground is full of life and activity. Students play various games. They are in a happy mood.

Some students go to the reading-room and read newspapers. Some weak students copy the home task from the note books of the bright students.

It is time to relax. After studying for 4-5 periods the students and teaches fells tired. They want rest and the recess period gives them this chance.

Sometimes there is a match during the recess period. All the students enjoy the match.

Essay No. :- 02

The Recess Period in My School

The recess period in a school is a part of its daily time table. It is a period of rest and relaxation for the students and the teachers. It is the most interesting period because anybody can do anything. This period normally comes in the middle of the time-table. It gives a much needed relief to the students from the mental exercise of the previous periods.

The moment the bell goes, the students rush out of their classes. It looks as if they have been suddenly set free from imprisonment. They shout with joy. They rush and run in different directions. The teachers too eagerly wait for this period. They go to the staff-room. They chat and take lunch there.

The students get busy in their own ways. Those who bring lunch box go to the canteen or sit in the shade of a tree to take their lunch. Some begin to do their home-task in the class-room. Those who are serious go to the library to read magazines and newspapers. Most of the students go to the play-ground to play some game.

During the recess period there is a heavy rush at the canteen. Those who do not bring lunch with them take tea and snacks. There is a demand for cold drinks also. There is a great rush at the water taps. The students stand in queues and wait for their turn.

As soon as the recess period is over, the students go back to their class rooms. They feel fresh and active. They get extra energy to work for the next periods. Thus the recess period has its own importance in the school routine.

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