English Essay on “The Importance of Religion” Astronomy Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 Exam.

The Importance of Religion

I think culture, religion, ethnicity is very important in one’s life. They should know where therefrom and who they are. Everyone comes from somewhere around the world, even if they were born in another country, they still originated from somewhere.

If they don’t know where they’re from they don’t have an identity; their last name is just part of their identity, they should know where that last name came from, and who else it belonged to. Pride isn’t necessary, people should know where they came from, and should be proud; but don’t have to go around saying this pride, that pride; and only associate with their own kind.

Assimilation shouldn’t be the main goal in America today. People should try really hard to adjust to American life; but it’s so hard, especially when someone comes to this country at first. There are so many diverse cultures’ here today, it’s confusing. I don’t even know what American culture is. Unless it’s baseball, hotdogs, and rock music, but those have been taken in by other cultures

People today should try to compromise, but shouldn’t get penalized for failing at a custom or speaking a language. Spanish in California is mostly all around because of the wide population of Latinos that was one solution in helping them. But so many other cultures are growing that we can’t do that for everyone, so America and all the other countries here need to think up a solution.

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