English Essay on “The Ever-Changing Fashions” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Ever-Changing Fashions

In this fast changing world, nothing changes faster than fashion. The fashion gurus dictate the way p dress and carry themselves. Over-the last few years, fashion industry has expanded and fashion designing has become a lucrative profession.

Fashion serves a useful purpose. It adds variety and spice to life- and fulfills the aesthetic initiative of man. A fashion statement is a form of self-expression. It gives tremendous creative satisfaction to the designer as well as class and style to the wearer. It enhances the charm of the wearer. Moreover, in the competitive world of today one strikes a discordant note if one is out of ‘sync’ with the styles in vogue. A well-groomed and well-turned-out person, dressed according to the current fashions, exudes confidence and ‘elan’.

Fashion relieves monotony and allows people to dress according to their individual inclination and taste. It helps one to break free of the constraints of a uniform. Sometimes, fashion helps to highlight the distinct features of a person, thereby enhancing his or her personality. Just as a garden owes its charm to myriad shades of flowers and plants, similarly fashion is a manifestation of man’s ingenuity and versatility. Fashions enrich one’s lives.

Awareness regarding fashions has generated great enthusiasm amongst the old and young alike for physical fitness and the desire to look good. The names of designers and the labels launched by them have become household names today. Fashion designing is a super specialty. There are special garments for various occasions. Designers hire expensive models to display their creations. The world of fashion has become very-competitive.

However, it is necessary that the youth is not swayed by fashions alone. One must adopt-fashions that suit one’s pocket, age and life-style. Simply donning what is in vogue can make one look absurd and undignified. Do not become slaves to fashion for:

“Fashion is something that goes in one -year and out the other!”

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