English Essay on “Television in Daily Life” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Television in Daily Life

Essay No. 01

Television has come to be known as a small screen in comparison to the big screen in a cinema hall. It is a means of entertainment for all the members of a family. They can relax and. enjoy television programmes without stepping out of the four walls of their house. There is no need to dress up or take a timely bath to watch the television. One can sit in bed or squat on the floor to watch the television. The TV set can be switched on or off and manipulated by the remote control device. People can choose the programme of their liking. Likewise, they can choose the time for watching the television. The programmes shown on TV have also an educational value. Even teaching programmes are televised. There are special programmes for farmers, women, the old and handicapped, the children, the students, etc. Television is a wonderful medium for entertainment and education in our day-to-day life.

Television in Daily Life

Essay No. 02

The small screen has become so popular that people have stopped visiting cinema halls. It provides the cheapest entertainment for the whole family in a very relaxed manner. There is no need of dressing up, put on socks and shoes and washing the face with the best soaps. We can stretch ourselves in our beds in our night dresses and can switch on the TV with the help of remote control.

TV has become the medium of entertainment, education and advertisement. It is for us to choose the programmes of our liking. In the morning, there is a programme of exercises. If we are able to create some open space around the TV, the whole family can watch the TV with comfort. It should never be watched by sitting close to it; the effect on our eyes could be serious in that event.

The national programme is the most interesting for viewers of every taste. A play about the history of a refugee family from Punjab became so popular that people missed their appointments to view this programme. It was not only popular in India, but also in neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. The programmes keep on changing and offer a variety of entertainment. Doordarshan Channels have a hard time satisfying people of every taste. India is a vast country and people of each region and religion want programmes of their own choice.

On Sunday, the telecast begins early and continues till late in the night. The old people never miss the Ramayana and sometimes, insist on the youngsters to join them. Some questions are advertised in all the newspapers and the readers are asked to send their replies within a specific period. Those, who gave correct replies, are selected and are called to the TV studios. The competition would continue for the whole year and we can learn much about the history and culture of our country through such programmes.

Nowadays, the cable TV boom is at its peak. Private channels like Citi Cable, Zee Cinema, Star TV Network and Sony Network are very popular as they offer a variety of entertaining programmes. There are nearly 100 channels to choose from.

There are also programmes for the youth and the students from various schools and colleges take part in them. In short, TV is proving to be a wonderful source of entertainment and education.

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