English Essay on “Students Role in Free India” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Students Role in Free India

Essay No. 01

The students of today are the future citizens of India. They are the architects of free and modern India. On the students, a great responsibility lies for building the country. In good old days, India had its own glory. Its culture and civilization was well-known and well-recognized. It enjoyed an enviable position in the world. However, the foreign rule crushed its economy and also effected its social system. The glory of India was lost due to foreign domination. Since India is a free nation again, its economy, social system and glory can be revived and boosted. India can ‘become a highly developed and advance nation if the students contribute their might for making India a powerful country for reckoning in the world. It is essential that they should work sincerely. They should understand the problems of free India and endeavor their best to solve them. In the life and progress of a nation, the role of discipline is very great. The student should develop the habit of discipline in order to face any situation with confidence and success. It is also necessary to make personal sacrifice for the sake of the country. Honesty is another important trait that enables people to-discharge their responsibility in a proper manner. This should be learnt and developed during the student life itself. The students can revive the lost glory of India with a strong will, sacrifice, honesty and character.

Essay No. 02

Role of Students in Free India

Our future prosperity and the welfare of the nation depend upon the type of education we impart to the young generation and what use they make of it.

Today, education stands in the need of being more vocational and job oriented than earlier and it must be modified to exploit fully the tremendous manpower of this country. Also students should not be confined within the walls of the classroom alone but should be encouraged to take part in various extracurricular activities.

Students can uproot the social evils like dowry system because it is in their power to say no. They can also spread literacy and emphasise the need of family planning in villages. They can guide villagers about the need for sanitation and health.

But the students also must give up violence, and should actively participate in the economic development of the country. If they have any grievances and dissatisfaction then they must adopt the peaceful methods of expressing themselves.

We can conclude that a love for virtue, righteousness and a sense of self respect and personal dignity must be instilled in the students by the society as well as the educational system if we are to make them worthy citizens.

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