English Essay on “Prayer” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.


Prayer plays a very important role in the development of the one’s personality. When you close your eyes and pray to God with full concentration, then your all wishes get fulfilled, provided you don’t intend to harm others for your personal gains. If you pray continuously, everyday to God, that he should shower you with the blessings of glory, honour and success, then you shall certainly achieve success in your life one day. But, you must understand that God wants you to develop the habit of patience. If you want immediate result, then nothing will be granted to you. God’s blessings shall be showered only when you wait for the lime, when your efforts shall bear fruits.

Don’t be afraid of failures in your life. If you have failed inspite of working hard, then don’t worry, work hard again and you shall pass next time with flying colours in the exam. Don’t be afraid of-what your class-fellows say about you. Have faith in God, pray to him daily, work hard and you shall fetch very good marks in the next exam.

Remember, failure is the stepping stone-to. Even the greatest of personalities of the world have failed one or the other time in their life, but they rose to great heights with their perseverance and faith in God.

Prayer works miracles when done with faith. We must have full faith in God. God is all powerful and full of energy. He is in the form of soothing light that does not have the heat of fire in it.

God has created many worlds like earth and he sends spiritual administrators to look after the affairs of the world and show the right direction to the wrong doers. If the wrong doer does not correct his mistakes inspite of repeated warnings, then lie ought to be severely punished for his evil deeds. God is just like the sun, but it isn’t hot like sun. It is soothing and calm light. We are the soul just like stars. We are sent in this world to play a role. We are given this body to play the characters on this vast stage of world. We must please God with good deeds and remembrance of his name, only then can we attain peace, happiness, glory and success in this world and the world beyond this after death.

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