English Essay on “Period without A Teacher” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Period without A Teacher

Essay No. 01

When classes are held regularly, serious students enjoy their studies and take pleasure in the teaching of their teachers. It may sometimes happen that a teacher is on leave for a day or, due to his pre-occupation elsewhere, he is unable to take his class and his period remains vacant. In such a situation, the students, Whether of serious type or otherwise, feel a relief of the leisure period in the class. It is often found that a vacant classroom without a teacher turns into a fish market. There is noise, shouts, the thumping of desks, and an unruly atmosphere. The scene changes into a serious atmosphere as soon as the Principal enters the classroom. it then becomes absolutely quiet. A period without a teacher is a mess of education.

Essay No. 02

A Period without Teacher

There is a famous saying, ‘When the cat is away the mice will play.’ The same happens in the class when the teacher is not present in class students feel quite free and comfortable without the teacher and the rein of discipline is loosed. Friends start gossiping with each other. Some naughty boys even indulge in mock fighting in which they use pieces of chalk as arrows. Some students who are fond of singing, start humming. A completely different world and atmosphere emerge in the class in which studies have rather no place. Only a few students concentrate on their studies in the absence of a teacher. Some naughty and mischievous boys start making a strange noise or copy various animals’ voices. But the real fun of a classroom can be enjoyed in the absence of a teacher only. Because it is the time when all the students take off their masks of discipline and exhibit their real naughty personality.


Essay No. 03

A Period Without A Teacher

A period without a teacher is fun for all the students. There is no one to check their homework or to assign the classwork. So, children start gossiping. Though, the class leader tries to manage the class in the absence of the teacher but, he is after all a classmate. He cannot scowl at his colleagues. He can at the most ask them to sit quietly. Sometimes, the Principal enters the classroom while on normal rounds of the school. Seeing the Principal, students start reading or writing. The Principal feels extremely satisfied and leaves the room with a feeling of contentment. The moment the principal leaves the classroom, students again start creating a nuisance. So, it is true that a period without a teacher is a period of chaos.

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