English Essay on “ls Ragging Right?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

ls Ragging Right?

Come July—come freshers—come ‘Ragging Phobia’. What is ragging? It is the process of students getting acquainted with the freshers of the college who are unfamiliar with the environment of the college, whose portals they have just entered. It is a sort of warming up that should ideally help freshers shed their inhibitions, if carried out in the right spirit.

Ragging can take various forms. Some senior may ask a fresher to dance or sing, the others to do ‘catwalk’. Some freshers are happy to ‘serve’ the senior on demand or run errands. However, ragging may sometimes culminate in humiliating, sadistic practices and harassment, etc., that violates the basic human ethics, causing much pain and embarrassment to the newcomers. The fresher’s fear the sight of the seniors. and what should actually be a process of ‘breaking in’ becomes an exercise to be dreaded. There have been instances, where the ragging has been so severe, that it has resulted in total loss of confidence in the fresher’s. They have even lost an academic year owing to the damage done to their psyche. Ragging is particularly severe in professional colleges. The poor fresher is caught between the herculean task of coping with’ exacting standards of academics and the mental torture caused by merciless ragging.

Despite stern warning and reprimands, the tradition of ragging continues. Perhaps, if the practice of ragging is carefully monitored and controlled, it may not result in trauma for the fresher. It can be made an exciting way of starting college life, provided that the seniors develop a-healthy attitude towards it. If they regard it as a friendly way of ‘breaking ice’ between the freshers and themselves, the author ides would have no objections to the practice. On the contrary, it would become a fun-filled exercise—something to be looked forward to, rather than to be dreaded as a nightmare.

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