English Essay on “Life in an Indian Village” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Life in an Indian Village

The much talked about new millennium has finally dawned. A lot of change is anticipated in the lifestyles and attitudes of people living in both villages and cities. Let us speculate about what changes are likely to occur in the lifestyle of Indian villages in the years to come. What would the Indian villages in the first decade of the new century look like?

Most villages are steeped in superstitions and perhaps, may not very readily give up the obsolete way of living and old practices, for, ‘old is gold’. However, conditions will not continue to be inert, even if the rural folk continue ‘to be wedded to certain basic norms of living and traditions. It would not be wrong to take an optimistic view and conclude that poverty will be reduced if not eliminated completely. A fatalistic approach will be replaced by a more rational and less dogmatic attitude. Education will receive a fillip and accessibility to modern media—the radio and TV—will revolutionize their way of thinking. There will be progress in amenities like sanitation, drinking water, and availability of electricity even though kerosene lamps may continue to illuminate the homes of the poor. By and large, everyone would be able to make use of electricity.

Life in a village will not remain untouched by modernization. A new, educated generation may discard redundant traditions. Perhaps, with all this, there is a possibility that some of the sham and hypocrisy, that characterizes the urban life may permeate into villages. However, all this hopefully will be outweighed by progress. All villages may become accessible due to building of new roads. They would no longer be isolated from the metropolitan cities. There will certainly be greater prosperity with improvement in health, education facilities etc.

However, let us also hope, that this progress will not erode the human values and culture that continues to flourish in the rural areas, in spite of winds of change.

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