English Essay on Knowledge is Power, English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Knowledge is Power

he Greek philosopher, Socrates, preached the principle that knowledge is virtue and virtue is knowledge. Samuel Johnson was of the view that every human being whose mind is not tainted by worthless thoughts and news, would be willing to give all that he has to acquire knowledge. And Bacon rightly said that knowledge is power.

Knowledge is a powerful acquisition which, when given to someone, does not decrease. Knowledge is what one has experienced, and comprises reasoning and belief borne out by experience. Our knowledge is the collective thought and experience of our forefathers, wise men who left behind a rich heritage and a wealth of information.

Someone once remarked that while ignorance was the curse of God, knowledge was the pair of wings which carried one to heaven. A famous Sanskrit verse says that an educated person is honoured everywhere. Wherever he goes he is offered a place of reverence, a seat of authority, and he commands the hearing of everyone present. The power of knowledge lends him such distinction.

Education is the primary constituent of knowledge—through learning from books, newspapers, television, lectures, from day-to-day experiences, by interacting with various people. Every day is an eye-opener, for learning never stops—even accomplished masters learn something new every day!

Erudite people with vast experience qualify themselves to preside over positions of power and influence. Their acquisition of knowledge helps them to wield power, thus giving them a distinct advantage over their not-so-well informed brethren. Those who acquire only a superficial smattering of knowledge are in an even more precarious position than the ignorant. As Alexander Pope said, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Those who have knowledge are capable of commanding others and ruling the world. But the power that comes from knowledge should be used for the progress of mankind and not be misused. Knowledge rooted in humility is more powerful than knowledge that engenders arrogance. The truly wise realize that humility comes with knowledge even as power flows from it.

Unfortunately, in today’s world of strife and unending warfare, the power that is enforced at gun-point is a liability, not an asset. The arms race has left the world a virtual battlefield where thousands die while countless are left homeless.

Knowledge develops human faculties, which, when in full bloom, ensure logical reasoning, fair judgement and equal justice to everyone. Such people are capable of sifting the good from the bad, and are unlikely to misuse the judiciary or other administrative branches.

Man’s thirst for knowledge is never satiated. When one encounters another person who is a mine of knowledge, one feels one still has a lot to learn, while the other person may think likewise.

One must remember though that possessing an immense fount of knowledge may not make us better human beings. Always keep an open mind and be

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