English Essay on “Joint Family System” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Joint Family System

The joint family system has vanished away from many countries of the world because of the changed attitude of the mankind. The man has become more greedy and selfish than before. He doesn’t have any regard for elders. He doesn’t care for the needs of other people. He wants to enjoy every comfort of the world with money. This kind of selfish attitude of the man has eliminated the joint-family system from the society.

The joint family system prevailed in the past because each and every member of the family was attached to one-another and gave equal respect to all elders of the house. The elders of the family were supposed to give social and monetary protection to the youngers and the youngers were expected to obey the instructions of the elders. The youngers were not allowed to speak against the elders, even if they were wrong in explaining things.

The grandparents were the most respected members of the house. Each family member of the house was given respect according to his age. The elder daughter-in-laws of the house was given abundant respect by the younger daughter-in-laws.

The joint family system is unique in a way that if any member for any reason could not earn for the time being is accommodated by other family members without much difficulty. He gets to eat and live under the shelter of his elders of cost. Children could be kept under then protection of the other members of the family in case the husband and wife are both employed. The children never feel alone because they enjoy the other members of the joint family.

In the pasts the elders would not dominate over the youngers in a wrong way. That would pamper the youngers with abundant love, but would also correct their faults when they were wrong. No one in the family would exploit others for vested interest. People in the past were selfless and kind. The family problems were solved amicably by the elders of the house. The joint family system was extremely popular in the past because of these reasons. This can exist in the society only when selflessness replaces selfishness in the mankind.

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