English Essay on “If Were The Principal of My School” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

If Were The Principal of My School

Essay No. 01

It is not easy to be the Principal of a school. The task at a Principal is very onerous. On him rests the responsibility of running the school in an efficient manner. If I were the Principal if my school. my first duty would be to select a team of best teachers. For maintaining a high quality of education, it is essential that the teachers are of a high standard. The other important task before me would be the maintenance of discipline of a very high order, Punctuality would be another important task before me. The school will have a good library and a sports club. Stress will also have to be laid on out-door games. Some cultural activities would also form a part of the school programme. On the whole, it would be my Endeavour to make my school an ideal institution.

Essay No. 02

If I Were the Principal of My School

The proper functioning of a school depends on its Principal. He is the most experienced and qualified person in the school.

If, I were the Principal of my school I would like to bring some changes for the sake of students so that they can have healthy atmosphere in the school. I would make workshops compulsory for the students, where they can learn new things. Moreover, I am also not in favour of the homework. So, all work would be done in school itself.

I would also introduce moral studies for students. By teaching them simplicity, truthfulness and discipline, I would try to inculcate in the students a feeling of patriotism and secularism, as this would help them to become good citizens.

On the physical front, I would make games and physical training compulsory for all the students. I will appoint teachers who are intelligent and devoted and will see to it that no physical punishments are given even if a student fails to behave properly. I will also see to it that teachers do not discriminate between the brilliant and the weak students.

I would make regularity and punctuality a rule for both teachers and students.

I shall also see to it that the teacher-student ratio is appropriate by not allowing more than twenty students in a class, so that each and every student gets full attention from the teacher. I will also provide scholarship facilities to the poor students.

I shall try to become an ideal Principal for my students by practicing what I preach. I shall make my school an ideal institution for teachers, parents and students.

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