English Essay on “Herbart” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.


Herbart was one of the greatest philosopher and guides of the world. According to him, a person should analyze and correct his mistakes before correcting others. Only a person who has the ability to analyze or correct his own mistakes can ever take initiatives to correct the mistakes of others.

This great philosopher took birth on 4th May 1776 in Germany. His father was a renowned lawyer and his mother was one of the most famous philosopher of her times. Herbart imbibed all the best qualities from his parents. His father instilled him the habit of `hardwork’, while his mother taught him the moral values of life. ‘

Herbart’s brain power enhanced under the shelter of his wise parents. After receiving primary education at home, Herbart got admitted in a school called ‘Gymnasium’. Herbart was extremely brilliant from his very childhood. He used to write intellectual articles for the school magazines, that won immense applaud. Slowly and gradually, Herbart’s reputation grew and he gained popularity in the circle of philosophers.

Herbart completed his graduation at the age of eighteen and thereafter proceeded to study law in Jena University. Herbart could not concentrate his mind in law, as he didn’t find it interesting, thus he shifted back to philosophy and put his heart, soul and mind in it.

In 1809, he was appointed as the principal in Konigsberg University. He spent all the remaining 25 years over here and gained immense popularity for his logical thinking and philosophical views. Herbart said that the soul is immortal. The body may die, but the soul lives forever. He said that the child must practice good values, such as goodwill, justice, discrimination between right and wrong and other moral values to become a righteous person. The brain power develops when it comes in contact with the environment. Only a suitable environment can develop the brain power of the individual and, make him a wise person. Herbart attributed that the parent’s anti teachers must instill good habits in the children to develop their personalities from the very childhood.

Herbart was a boon on the earth. He shall be always remembered for his brilliant thinking and accuracy of thoughts and ideas.

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