English Essay on “Bad habits” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Bad habits

Habits are formed by repeatedly doing the same thing. But there are good habits and bad habits.

Bad habits are easily acquired such as eating more sweets or too much food or drinking too much or smoking. The more we do a thing, the more we tend to like doing it. If we do not continue to do it, we are very unhappy. This is called the force of habit and the force of habit should be fought against.

Things which may be very good when only done from tines to tires and tend to become vary harmful when done too often and too much. This applies even to such good thing as work or rest.

Some people form a bad habit of working too much and others of idling too much. The wise men always prefer to work as far as his health permits. You should not be over greedy. He says to himself, “I am now becoming idle or I like too many sweets” or “I smoke too much” and then adds “I will get out of these bad habits at once.”

One of the most widely spread of bad habits is the use of tobacco. Tobacco is now smoked or chewed by men often, and even by some students and by some women all over the world. It was brought into Europe from America by Sir Walter Raleigh four centuries ago and has then spread everywhere. One very much doubts whether there is any good in the habit, of even when tobacco is not used to excess. it is extremely difficult to get rid of the habit when once it has been formed.

Alcohol is taken in almost all cold and coot climates and to very much less in hot climates. But it has not spread from cold mountains to the plains and also to hot climates.

Alcohol is not necessary in any way to anybody. Millions of people are not using it entirely. Many countries have enacted laws prohibiting the use and manufacture of Alcohol.

The regular use of Alcohol even in small quantities tends to cause damage in many ways to the various organs of our body. It affects the liver, it weakens the mental powers and reduces the general energy of the body.

Hence it is high time to think at and determines to free himself of such bad habits which ultimately will Infuse in him a new confidence and rejuvenate him for further hard and sustained work of any kind.

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