English Essay on “Atoms for Peace” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Atoms for Peace

Nuclear power gives a status to a country in the com-munity of nations but no nation can make destructive use of the nuclear power without taking the risk of a world war. Unlike other countries, India has decided to make use of nuclear energy for peace and progress. But China and Pakistan are twisting the truth and making false propaganda against India.

India depends upon hydroelectric power which is not steady on account of the uncertainty of rainfall. Coal which is another source of energy cannot be exploited commercially as it lies very deep and the cost of extraction is very high. Oil is another source of energy but India has to import 74 percent of her total oil consumption. So, India has to go in for a cheaper and more dependable source of energy.

India has sufficient reserves of Thorium and India has already commissioned two nuclear power stations one at Tarapur and the other at Rana Pratap Sagar. Two other stations, one at Narora and the other at Kalpakkam are also commissioned recently. They work and yield energy to the Country.

This energy will be able to meet the power shortage throughout the country. This will make industries work at their maximum capacity, increase production, and per capita income and neutralise the adverse effects of inflation.

By nuclear explosions artificial dams can be made. This is also helpful in laying roads on mountainous areas. As India’s norther border consists of huge mountains even for the sake of national security, it is necessary to have roads in those areas for the movement of the armed forces.

By atomic radiation, the life of perishable vegetables can be increased and they can be preserved for a longer period. Radiation can also check the sprouting of onions and potatoes witch have a very great export value. So also mangoes and bananas can be preserved for a longer time and sold in the foreign markets.

Nuclear technology can be harnessed to medical fields also. Radioactive Iodine is used for detecting the diseases of the Thyroid glands.

Properly processed nuclear fuel is also used for sending satellites into the outer space. Weather satellites can predict cyclones and the rainfall with accuracy. Communication satellites can help in conveying messages to and from long distances. In a big country like India communication satellites are very essential.

 For increasing our agricultural production and help India to become economically self-sufficient and better off radiation is very useful. Radiation is used for preparing mutant seeds. Many varieties of rice and cereals have been prepared at the Tara pure laboratory. Thus India is making peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

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