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An Accident

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Essay No. 01

These days our roads have become very busy. Moreover, everybody is in a hurry. So there are a lot of road accidents. Some people are injured; some, killed. The other day my father was driving me to my school. An accident took place before our very eyes. It happened about four hundred meters away from the school.

A cyclist, who was an elderly man, was trying to cross the road. He was hit by a young scooterist. It was the scooterist who was at fault. He was driving too rashly.

Both the persons involved in the accident became unconscious. The cyclist was hurt in the leg while the scooterist received head injuries.

A crowd of people gathered on the spot and the vehicular traffic came to a standstill. While the people were discussing who was at fault, my father drove the injured straight to the General Hospital.

The doctors on duty in the Casualty Ward were kind enough to give their immediate attention to the accident victims. They were soon able to bring them to their senses. They declared the injured out of danger. At this, my father drove home.

Thank God there was no loss of life. I had the satisfaction that my father had done a good turn. But I wondered why our scooterists should drive dangerously.

An Accident

Essay No. 02

The word ‘Accident’ usually brings with it a sense of unease, a foreboding perhaps, as the consequence of an accident is unpredictable. The fear of accidents is such that we have tense parents refusing to let their children ride motorbikes even when they come of age!

The aim should be to avert accidents by driving safely, using helmets on two-wheelers, and not consuming alcohol before driving. All said and done, despite the greatest precaution one might take, one cannot always foresee and cater for another driver’s callousness and accidents will still happen. Do we then avoid driving? Flow about other accidents? A man fell into a manhole at night; a child got paralyzed when he ran into electric cables while playing on the roof, a child fell off his parapet while king a kite…..there is no limit to accidents. Do we sit at home then? No. We have to understand that it is a matter of probabilities. Every single person that lives will have an accident, major or minor.

An accident may change your life forever but in the larger scheme of things, you will find that it was inevitable and you did learn a few lessons from it. An accident will make you stronger and definitely wiser but whatever it does, fear of it should not stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Essay No. 03

An Accident

Accidents are very common these days. We daily read about them in newspapers. They result in the loss of many precious lives. They are caused by a number of factors. Careless and rash driving is the main cause of accidents. Ignorance of traffic rules and craze for speed also cause accidents. Sometimes the drivers cause accidents when they drive buses under the influence of liquor.

Last month my uncle invited me to Delhi. I was supposed to reach there early the next morning. No train was available at that time. I decided to catch the night bus. The bus was nearly full. Some passengers were taking dinner. Others were gossiping. Still, others were dozing. The driver was driving the bus carefully. We reached Ambala Cantt at about 2 a.m.

The bus running smoothly. It had gone only a few kilometers from Ambala Cantt. There was hardly any light on the roadsides. A truck was coming from the opposite direction. It had no headlights. The driver of the bus could not notice it. There was a loud bang. The bus had met an accident.

As a result of the accident, the window panes of the bus were broken. The passenger shrieked for help. The bus driver and the passenger in the front seat were injured. It was a horrible scene. Two of the passengers were seriously injured. They were immediately rushed to the hospital. Luckily I had received no injury. The people of the neighbouring areas gathered there. They helped the passengers in every possible way. I caught yet another bus and reached Delhi in the morning.

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