English Essay on “A River in Rood” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A River in Rood

Essay No. 01

In India, heavy rains cause floods in the rivers. Last Sunday, I went for an outing to the bank of river Yamuna which was flooded and appeared like a sea. There were other people with their families to enjoy the open nature. Suddenly, I saw a child, who was playing with water, falling into the river. The current carried the child a little further. The people started crying for help to save the child. I saw a person running towards the bank of the river. He jumped into it immediately and started swimming with a great speed along with the current towards the drowning child. He was soon able to reach the child and placed him on his shoulders and started swimming back to the river-bank against the current. The child was saved. While standing at the bank of the river and watching its current, I saw a number of uprooted trees carried away by the current. A number of animals like cows and buffaloes were also being carried away by the current. The water had also entered in to the nearby lanes. A number of huts were also submerged. The flood had caused considerable loss to property and animals. Such floods are reported to be a common feature in different parts of India.

Essay No. 02

A River in Flood

Floods, earth quakes and famines are natural calamities. Whenever they strike, they cause a big havoc. There is a heavy loss of life and property. Some years ago, there were heavy rain falls in Punjab. Jalandhar was the worst affected area. The river Sutlej was flowing above the danger mark. The nearby villages were submerged in water. People climbed up the roofs of their houses. Their household goods were swept away by the swift current of the river.

There was water everywhere. The little birds and cattle were floating on the surface of the water. Here and there some dead bodies could also be seen. All the roads were blocked, there was nothing to eat or drink. The supply of vegetables and milk was badly affected. The conditions began to worsen with the passage of each day. The government had to act promptly. It sent helicopters to throw food packets to the people of stranded village.

Many houses collapsed. Traffic was dislocated. Crops were destroyed. The low lying areas were totally submerged in water. Many electric poles were uprooted. The supply of electricity was badly affected. A dozen of persons were drowned in water at several places. The situation was getting out of control. The army had to be pressed in service. The rains stopped after full one week. The people heaved a sigh of relief.

A number of measures had to be taken to combat the after-effects of rains. Relief parties were sent to different directions. The stranded people were brought to safe places. Medicines were distributed to check the outbreak of diseases. Loans were given to those whose crops were destroyed. Many social organizations came forward to help in the rescue operations.

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