English Essay on “A Rainy Day” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A Rainy Day

It was a bright, sunny day. ‘A perfect day to go shopping,’ I thought. As I was about to go out, my mother told me to take an umbrella along as it might rain. “There isn’t a cloud in the sky!” I said to her. “On a day like this, either the sun will burn you to a crisp or the rain will come thundering down and you will get caught in a downpour,” she said. But I did not listen to her. Now I wish I had.

With my shopping all done, I decided to walk back home. I remembered my mother’s words and looked up at the sky. There were a few clouds in the sky but it did not bother me much… I quickened my pace a little, but that was all: Suddenly, the sky was torn by lightning and the thunder roared. It began to rain cats and dogs. I was caught in the rain! I started to run, thinking I would be able to make it home without getting too wet. That, however, was bad idea as I slipped in some wet mud and almost broke my ankle. My clothes were all covered in mud and my shopping bags were dripping wet. When I stood up, my legs started to hurt. I limped painfully tried to find cover but to no avail. I was cold and so miserable that. I did not notice that I was too close to the road. A car drove past me suddenly and splattered muddy water all over my head and my clothes. I had almost given up hope on finding cover when I saw a bus-stop up ahead. I limped up to it and tried to get under it. It was hard, as I realized that not only had I decided to take cover at the bus-stop but’ so had a dozen other people. I tried to squeeze in but the roof was leaking and it wasn’t much better than being out in the rain. Finally, knowing that the rain wouldn’t stop, I decided to riot fight the forces of nature and limped back home in the pouring rain.

When I got home, my mother looked at me. I was a sorry sight. Muddy hair wet clothes, soaked to the core and limping. She smiled as if to say, “I told you so!” and whisked me off to have a hot bath. ‘What else can go wrong?’ I thought. I was soon to find out, for as I came out if the bath, I sneezed vociferously. I had come down with a nasty cold!

From that day onwards, I always carry an umbrella whenever my mother tells me to. Always listen to your mother at least about rainy days.


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