English Comprehension Easy and Short Passage Reading with Questions and Answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10 12, Exercise 7

Read the following passage and try to answer the questions given below:

Mrs. Moss woke Ben with a kiss next morning, for her heart yearned over the fatherless lad as if he had been her own, and she had no other way of showing her sympathy. Ben had forgotten his troubles in sleep; but the memory of them returned as soon as he opened his eyes, heavy with the tears they had shed. He did not cry anymore, but felt strange and lonely till he called Sancho and told him all about it, for he was shy even with kind Mrs. Moss, and glad when she went away.

Sancho seemed to understand that his master was in trouble, and listened to the sad little story with gurgles of interest, whines of condolence, and intelligent barks whenever the word “daddy” was uttered. He was only a brute, but his dumb affection comforted the boy more than any words; for Sancho had known and loved “father” almost as long and well as his son, and that seemed to draw them closely together, now they were left alone.

From “Under the Lilacs”

by Louisa May Alcott


  1. How did Mrs. Moss show her sympathy to Ben?
  2. Who was Sancho?
  3. Why did Sancho’s dumb affection comfort the boy?
  4. Why was Ben glad when Mrs. Moss went away?
  5. Give another word or a short phrase for the following words: affection, brute, understand, glad.


  1. Mrs. Moss showed her sympathy to Ben by waking him up with a kiss.
  2. Sancho was Ben’s pet dog.
  3. Sancho’s dumb affection comforted the boy because Sancho had also loved Ben’s father.
  4. Ben was glad when Mrs. Moss went away because he was shy of her.
  5. affection- love

Brute-  animal

Understand-  make out, see the meaning of

Glad-  happy

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