English Comprehension Easy and Short Passage Reading with Questions and Answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10 12, Exercise 14

Read the following poem and try to answer the questions given below:


The Eagle

He clasps the crag with crooked hands,

Close to the sun in azure lands,

The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls

He watches from his mountain walls

And like a thunderbolt he falls.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson


  1. Who is the “he” of the poem?
  2. What is the meaning of “azure”?
  3. Why is the sea described as “wrinkled”?
  4. “he” really falling?


  1. The “he” of the poem is the eagle.
  2. “Azure” means the colour of the sky, that is light blue.
  3. The sea is described as “wrinkled” because it is a calm sea and the gentle waves look like wrinkles.
  4. “He”, that is, the eagle is not really falling. He is swooping down on his prey.

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