Circular Letter from a Laundry. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Circular Letter from a Laundry

Dear Sir,

You don’t feel your best with a strip of sand paper folded round you neck. Yet some laundries we know turn out collars that are just as uncomfortable. They seem to take a delight in giving their collars a raw edge which is calculated to make the wearers miserable.

If you are a victim of collar discomfort, you have our sympathy and, what is more, we are prepared to make it practical sympathy.

Fill up the enclosed postcard and send it to us now – before you forget at the same time, give instructions for three of your soiled collars to be put aside. Our van will call for them and, in less than a week, they will be returned to you looking like pieces of snow-white porcelain.

We shall be glad to perform this little service entirely free. If we can please you, and we know we can, that will be sufficient satisfaction.

May we ask you to fill up the card now?

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