Are Scientific Inventions Making Us Happier?, Complete 300 Words English Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 9, 10, 11, 12 Examination.

Are Scientific Inventions Making Us Happier?

Science today has given us many comforts which were unimaginable a few years ago. Today we switch on the radio and listen to music. We have electricity, telephone, easy modes of commuting, refrigerators, air conditioners and what not. All these things have made the life of a man very comfortable and have definitely increased the happiness also.

Science has made travelling easy and efficient. The world has become a smaller place to live in. But those exciting adventures and romances which travelling gave in the past have all disappeared. Modern travelling is just a dull business.

The men who live in big cities are benefitted in some ways while being harmed in many respects. The city people do not have any leisure. Their life is too busy and too occupied that they do not have time to stand and stare. Their lives have become artificial, devoid of charm and delight.

As the modern age is an age of science, so men have become scientific-minded. But as science is advancing, it is spoiling our civilisation. In the kingdom of science, the words like love, affection, and sentiments are quite foreign. So what is the use of science to the man if he gets the whole world but loses his soul? Spiritualism is on the wane while materialism is on increase. Science has invented weapons which, if used, would spell disaster and destruction for mankind.

Thus, opinion remains divided. No one claims the science to be complete boon or a complete curse. It makes the mankind happy by its latest achievements but also shows its destructive power. Broadly speaking, science can be used for getting happiness but the mad mind of man misuses the discoveries of science.

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