Advertisement, Complete English Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 9, 10, 11, 12 Examination.


A paid message for a product, information, or service can be defined as an advertisement. Every human being desires to publicize his activities to the masses. This may be dealing in product or any other informatory service. Advertisement actually encourages business and transitory exchange while exploring consumer or interested buyer and linking it to the supplier or manufacturer.

In the usual course, advertisement symbolizes a particular media, but the modern era leads the channel to various streams such as boards and hoardings, wall paintings and tree labels, print media, television channels, spot presentation, and mouth-to-mouth publicity. The experts favor more mouth-to-mouth publicity. They feel it is the most effective method for publicity. This establishes brand and brand position for a product or service.

An advertisement undergoes an elaborate process before it is presented to the masses. The concentration is more to attract the masses. The film star calendar is such development by Hindustan Lever Ltd. in the field of advertisement. Caption writing or slogan writing had an important role in the development of an ad. The process is known as ‘copywriting. The writer has complete details of the products in his mind. He wants to select a caption that is catchy and directly hits the mind of the user. Very recently the manufacturer of a Tooth Paste advertised as ‘strictly vegetarian toothpaste’. It certainly aroused a feeling of vegetarians that why they have been using a paste with non-vegetarian ingredients? In the real facts, every paste has its own constitution. So the acceptance never questioned such a partition. Anyhow, the ‘ad’ attracted a particular segment of consumers.

The necessity of ‘ad’ is expanding with time. In print media, advertisement has two sectors (i) classified and (ii) display. Classified ads are charged as per word for a number of words under specific headings of the newspaper. Display ads are charged as per length in column centimeter. These ads are self-dependent and they do not have the consideration of words. In the same way, there is no restriction of headings or space for such ‘ads’.

Advertisements are normally planned by some advertising agencies who offer specialized expert services in the channel. The normal advertising agency has two major considerations for planned advertisements, the major point is the Publicity Budget’ and next, the type of clientele to be dealt with for the advertisement. Agency’s planning starts as per budget. They tailor the publicity as per budget provisions.

Advertisement has a very important notion for marketing. None of the manufactured items or services can capture market share without proper publicity or allied gift schemes.

However, the trends are more for elaborate descriptions and harping on the features, which are mostly missing in service or products. This creates a very negative attitude in the minds of customers. They, as such, go to the consumer court for remedy and the advertiser suffers for neglecting the code of conduct in the advertisement.

Cost and advertisement have a direct ratio and they are interrelated to each other. Advertising has acquired a definite place in business. The specialized branch inspires visualizers to work more sincerely for this sector. It is as much obvious that advertising has a potential scope in India. It can light the candles or the emotional attachments of consumers.

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