A Match Seen By Me, Complete English Essay, Paragraph for Kids and Students of Class 9, 10, 11, 12 Examination.

A Match Seen By Me

The popularity of cricket as a game is increasing fastly in the country. Indian Cricket Team has beaten all the world-famous teams. An era of cricket fever started with the commencement of the world cup cricket. World cup prize modeling by cricket players and product linkage with upcoming cricketers was picked up vigorously by the media.

I could not afford to see a match in a live performance in Durban but I had the fortune to see the match on television, in my room. It was India vs. Pakistan. Supporters of both sides were full of enthusiasm. Waqar Younis was the captain of the Pakistan team and Indian players were led by Sourav Ganguly.

Pakistan ballers are fast and active. They can win a game with their high-speed bowling. India too has fast and spin bowlers. It was a befitting comparative match for both sides.

The stadium was full to its capacity. More than 22000 spectators were there to witness the event. Masses had a house pack gallery of Indians to boost the morale of the players. There was a long whistle and the toss was won by the Pakistan team. Pakistani captain Waqar Younis opted to bat and Sourav Ganguly planned for fielding.

The opening batsmen Sayeed Anwar and Razzaq scored a good set of 100 runs and then started collapsing. The team scored 273 for 6 wickets. As from the Indian side, the match was opened by Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag. Tendulkar faced the bowlers very nicely. He bursted like a canon making a mockery of Pakistani bowling. Unfortunately, he was out at 98 runs. The further command was taken over by Dravid and Yuvraj. Both the batsmen scored good runs while covering 273 runs by the opposite team. They faced the fast bowling very patiently and achieved victory for their team, The match ended at midnight and it was welcomed by the masses among the claps and waving of the flags. Some of the fans blasted crackers and distributed sweets to their fellowmen. It was really a pride for India to have such a team. This victory of India over Pakistan was very significant from the view that while we are not aggressive in attitude as Pakistanis, yet we can bring down even the most powerful one.

It confirms the feelings of every Indian that Indian players are as much superior as any other team of the world.

The games build a better relationship with the world countries and they create names for the participants. Let us hope for India to shine bright in the arena of cricket in the coming future. With these wishes and thanks, we switched off the television and went to sleep.

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