10 Lines on “The Camel and the Jackal” English Moral Story for Kids and Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

The Camel and the Jackal

  1. Once a Camel and a Jackal became friends.
  2. The Jackal suggested that they should go across the river to eat some fruits.
  3. The camel agreed.
  4. The next day the Jackal sat on the camel’s back.
  5. The camel slowly swam over to the other bank of the river, carrying Jackal on his back. Both of them began to eat the fruits and vegetables from the field.
  6. Jackal being a small animal, his stomach was filled up in a short time.
  7. But the camel’s appetite was not yet over. He was still eating. The Jackal began to howl loudly. The camel desisted him from doing so. But the Jackal said, “I always howl after a stomach full meal.”
  8. The owner of the field came and beat the camel badly The Jackal hid behind a bush. On their return journey, Jackal again sat on the camel’s back.
  9. In the middle of the river, the camel began to roll on its sides. The Jackal requested him not to do so, as he might be drowned.
  10. But the camel said, “I always do so after a half meal and a good beating.” The Jackal was drowned,
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Moral: Tit for tat.

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