10 Lines on ‘Autobiography of a Car’ English Short Essay, Paragraph for Students and Children class 7, 8, 9, 10.

10 Lines on ‘Autobiography of a Car’

  1. I am an old Maruti car. I was assembled by many mechanics and engineers. My various parts came from various factories. I run on petrol.
  2. I was bought by Mr. Sunil who is a businessman with a shop on the main street.
  3. When I was new I was handsome and Mr. Sunil was very proud of me. He used to clean me every day brushing, waxing, and washing me himself.
  4. After a year he sold me as he was going abroad. My new master was not kind. He ill-treated me. He was a rash and reckless driver.
  5. I got many bruises and scratches. Consequently, my appearance was spoiled and I began to look old and ugly.
  6. When my new master was at my steering wheel, he only thought of speed.
  7. He was never considerate of me. He caused me to make a lot of noise.
  8. One day he was drunk and drove me very fast and rashly. Suddenly we met an accident on a sharp turn. My master was seriously wounded. He had multiple fractures.
  9. I was crushed badly. My injuries were beyond repair. I was towed and parked in the rear of the bungalow.
  10. I stand here in the rain and sun. I am now so sad, old, and rusty. I wish for my early death.

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