10 Lines on “A Visit to a Hospital” Essay for Kids and Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

10 Lines on “A Visit to a Hospital”

  1. Hospital is a place where no one wants to go.
  2. People go there either if they are ill or to see some patients.
  3. Last week I had a chance to visit GTB Hospital.
  4. My uncle met with an accident and was admitted there.
  5. There were different wards for patients of particular diseases.
  6. The nurses dressed in white were going from one room to the other.
  7. I saw the laboratory where many patients were undergoing urine, stool, E.C.G. or X-ray tests.
  8. Then I moved to the general ward to see my uncle.
  9. He seemed to be improving.
  10. The doctor was quite hopeful of his recovery. In fact, hospitals are temples of service to the mankind.

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