10 Lines Essays on “World Red Cross Day” for Kids and Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

World Red Cross Day

1) “World Red Cross Day” is celebrated every year on 8th May to commemorate the birthday of Jean Henry Dunant who was the founder of the “International Red Cross Society” which saved many lives.

2) World Red Cross Day is used to provide the people who suffer from any Food Shortage, Natural Calamities, War as well as Diseases of the Epidemic.

3) Community health programs, interviews, talk shows on radio and television are organized at the international level on World Red Cross Day.

4) The Red Cross Society in India was established in 1920 according to the Parliamentary Act.

5) World Red Cross Day is also celebrated as International Volunteer Day.

6) On World Red Cross Day, youths get the motivation to help people in emergencies like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, and malaria outbreaks.

7) World Red Cross Day is also celebrated through blood donation. People are encouraged to donate blood to save the lives of people in need of blood.

8) The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the Red Cross Society.

9) This day is celebrated every year with a new theme so that people can be made aware of it.

10) World Red Cross day provides the people to get every type of Facility and Service at various places about the safety from any problem without any finance from the people.

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