10 Lines Essays on “World Press Freedom Day” for Kids and Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

World Press Freedom Day

1.World Press Freedom Day or World Press Day is celebrated by the United Nations General Assembly on 3rd May every year.

2. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of Freedom of the Press in functioning, information providing, and its significance.

3. The day also reminds the government of its duty to uphold and respect the right to freedom of expression.

4.In 1976, World Press Freedom Committee was established by some independent journalists to promote and defend press freedom and cover 44 media organizations from around the world.

5.Media plays a crucial role in the development of any country. It not only aware people what is going on around the surrounding but also about the events which affect their lives.

6.In India, Press Freedom Day is celebrated to salute the media journalists who risked their lives in providing information or sometimes lost their lives in the duty itself.

7.Various Government officers, ministers take part while organizing several events like art exhibitions; honour awards for the journalists who have risked their lives on duty etc. on this day in India.

8. Several cultural events are organized to determine the significance of press freedom.

9. World Press Freedom day is celebrated every year with a theme.

10. The theme of World Press Freedom Day 2020 is “Journalism without Fear or Favour”.

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